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Signing Up As a VIP

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Okay here we go, you are ready to sign up as a VIP Customer!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my VIP family and I know you are going to LOVE these products.

Let’s get started:

Step 2: Click “JOIN NOW”

Step 3: Click “ENROLL AS VIP”

Step 4: Read all about our Flexship program and click “JOIN NOW”

Step 5: Go shopping!

Products will be listed by category. Click the category you’d like to browse and add the products you would like to try! You must add at least $84 to your cart to qualify for your initial VIP purchase.

To complete your cart, click “NEXT: ONLY FOR YOU”

This is where you will add a FREE Product (valued at $25 or more) to your cart. These products change each month.

Step 6: ClickNEXT: CREATE FTURE FLEXSHIP ORDER.” This is where you will set up your future flexship order- this can be changed at any time for any reason.


Put in your personal information. Verify it is me, Kacie, as your Market Partner.

Create a Username and Password

Enter Credit Card and shipping info.

Review and Finalize!

Congratulations! And welcome to my VIP family. I can’t wait to see your results after using these products. Be sure to take a before photo if you are using these products to see in your hair or skin- I love seeing before and after photos!

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