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Meet Monat: VIP Program

Are you ready to swap your current hair, skin, and wellness products for Monat?

Our VIP Program is the way to go if you want to get your hands on these products and be a customer! Check out these perks:

  • 15% off products all the time

  • Plus an additional 15-25% with our Purchase Plus+ Program (when your shopping cart reaches certain thresholds, you get additional savings)

  • Flexible Shipments meaning YOU have control when your orders come (not a monthly subscription)

  • Access to exclusive flash sales which lead to MAJOR SAVINGS

  • Free “Only for You” products in each Flexship Order

  • Birthday Coupons

  • Personal Customer Service

  • Treats from me

  • Your own VIP suite

  • VIP Points program to earn dollars towards future purchases

You may be thinking wow! “That is a lot of good stuff! But…what is expected of me?” This is where it gets good! Think of Amazon Prime… you pay a fee to unlock the perks… you do here too, but it is way better!

You pay a 1 time VIP registration of $19.99. One time… never again. This unlocks all of the perks above! You are then required to purchase 2 additional qualifying Flexship orders of $84+ in your lifetime! Not monthly… not every other month… whenever YOU want the products! Trust me… you will be ordering again and again! Not only will you want to try everything, but you will want to purchase to see max results! We are here to help you solve a problem… let’s give it an honest shot!

You will have full control over when you get your next orders and you don’t need to order until you're ready! Talk about awesome flexibility!

Take my hair quiz or contact me for a product recommendation to learn about being a VIP!


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