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How to Use Your Skin Care

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

You just purchased the most beautiful skincare you have ever seen, and now you are wondering, what do I do first? I want to break it down into four simple steps and no matter what products you bought, we can work to find a routine that is best for you!

  1. CLEANSE: Let’s get that skin CLEAN! You only need less than a dime sized amount, blend with some water to create a lather and wash that face! Rinse well, and be sure to REPEAT! The first wash will aid in removing the toxins/makeup on your skin, and the second wash will finish removing residue and dive deep into those pores to clean your skin properly. Don’t skip this! 2x is way better than 1. If you have your Berry Scrub, now would be a great time to add that to the mix and get your skin exfoliated and rinsed!

  2. PREPARE: Using your Skin Revitalizing Essence, use a few splashes and press gently into your skin. Allow this to absorb as well!

  3. TARGET: This is where you are going to pull out your C. Radiance (morning), Rewind Age Control Nectar or Bakuchiol (Night) etc. Pump onto your hands and dot on your face and gently rub in starting at the center and working your way out and up! Give that face the lift it deserves! Let this product fully absorb before moving on to the next. (Eye Cream also fits into this step)

  4. REPLENISH: Using a small amount, apply your moisturizer to your face, neck, and decolletage. Using upward motions will re-energize and lift the skin! Allow your moisturizer to fully absorb before applying makeup!

There is nothing out there like our skincare. It is clinically proven to give you incredible anti-aging results, and it feels like the most incredible spa treatment on your skin. I have personally been SO impressed by my results and can’t wait to hear what you love about it! Connect with me if you have further questions!


  • I love using a disposable bamboo cloth. You can get these online but they assist in cleaning nicely, are soft, and don’t transfer detergents or other bacteria like a standard washcloth!

  • Putting your skincare in the fridge will help increase shelf life and even aid in the reduction of puffiness. You may also have increased circulation to your skin!


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