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How to Start As a Market Partner

I could not be more excited to welcome you to my team!!!

Step 2: Click “JOIN NOW”

Step 3: Click “ENROLL AS MP”

Step 4: The exciting part! Pick your product pack. Every market partner needs to start with a product pack. This is a one-time purchase that comes with some MAJOR savings. Each product pack gives you what you need for success in this business, including samples, marketing materials, and more. The difference between them is the combination of products. I always recommend you get the biggest pack that you can afford- because the more products in your toolbelt, the more products you have personal experience with, and the better you will be able to share about the products you love!

Step 5: Click “NEXT: TODAY’S ENROLLMENT ORDER”. Here you can add any additional products you might want in this order. This is totally optional.


Enter in your personal information.

Create a Username and password and personalized website name

Step 7: Click “NEXT: Billing and Shipping”

Verify that it is Me (Kacie) that is your sponsor

After you review and submit, check all the boxes at the bottom and click “SUBMIT ORDER”

It’s as easy as that! When you hit “SUBMIT ORDER”, you will receive an email with your Market Partner ID number, and I will get an email letting me know you joined my team and I will reach out to you to help you start your journey as a Market Partner.

I cannot wait to help you reach your goals!


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