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5 tips to grow your business

“Ahhh! There is so much information! Where do I start? What is going to work? What is a waste of time?”

Girl, I have been there… shuffling through the piles of opinions, papers, articles, and personal thoughts. As I sat there constantly pivoting with no plan, growth just wasn’t happening the way I envisioned it. Something had to change for something to change.

I think the key to growth is taking it one step at a time. Have you ever heard of the saying, “How do you eat an elephant?”... “One bite at a time.” You can’t swallow an elephant whole in one gulp, that is too overwhelming. But eating one bite at a time feels a lot more doable, doesn’t it? If you have a huge goal… something you are working so hard for, focus on what is attainable now, not how unattainable the big goal may be. If you want to lose 50 pounds and you focus on that, you will become discouraged when the scale only drops 1 or 2 pounds. But if you focus on what you can control in the moment, like choosing a chicken breast instead of pizza, consistency over time will lead you to the big goal. The same goes with business. There is no one size fits all for everyone, but I have found five steps that have helped me grow as an entrepreneur and am excited to share with you in case they may help you too!

1. Be Relevant.

We live in an ever changing world. Technology is always evolving and so are people, their expectations, and how they like to be communicated with and sold to. Keep up. Don’t stay with what worked 10 years ago thinking you will gain new business today. As the world changes, the way we do business needs to change. If you built your company off of word of mouth and a facebook ad 5 years ago, but refuse to get an instagram account because you didn’t need it then and you did just fine… you are limiting your growth. Sign up, google how to use the platform, and start connecting.

2. Prioritize Your Day.

Choose your top three to five things to do each day that will make you a paycheck. Scrolling social media isn’t one of them. Choose wisely. Will this activity move the needle forward to creating an income for my family?

No? Move on.

Yes? Put it on the top of your list.

Tackle this list first thing. Turn your phone over, leave that text or email for another time… and focus. You need to handle these things first, then you can spend your sweet time with the rest! This will do two things for you. First, you will feel proud of yourself and productive. The rest of your day will be better because you know you did what you needed to move things forward. And second, you will have made progress towards your big elephant sized goal… and isn’t that the whole point?

3. Dress for it.

You know that feeling when you curl your hair, slap on a little lip gloss, zip into the jeans, and wear that cute pair of shoes? You look in the mirror and think “hey girl… i see you” That feeling matters when it comes to working your business and seeing growth. Why? Your attitude completely changes when you get ready. You stand taller, your voice is clearer, you think with a sense of confidence and the best ideas happen when you are confident. Don’t show up to work with a greasy head and sweaty pits and expect to have executive results. I LOVE leggings and a huge shirt just as much as the next girl… but save it until your priority list is complete!

4. Connect.

Keeping your business open means new customers all of the time. You don’t hear of someone opening a bakery, only telling their friends and family and never advertising beyond that. Those first supporters are incredible and we are so thankful for them! But their business can’t sustain huge growth. You have to move beyond who you know! The best way to do this is to always be thinking of ways to connect. You may work from home and think, how? Well.. you may not want to be on the bake sale volunteer committee… but you should sign up anyways. When you see that mom with the same shoes you have in the line at Target, strike up a conversation. Add them to social media. If you show up on IG, interact with your followers. Someone on Facebook is having a birthday? Tell them HBD! Your child’s soccer coach just got married, send a card!

5. Build Trust.

People buy from people they trust and the fastest way to build it is to find things in common! Think of yourself… if someone compliments you, relates to you, is from the same state, or has the same purse as you, you perk up! Hey! We are best fraaands right?! We feel differently about them because we see ourselves in them.

The other way to build trust is to add value. What do you have to offer? Are you teaching people why they need your product or business? What do you or your products have to offer? Why would they care? The more value you add to your potential and the more connected they feel, the more likely they are to trust you with their purchase.

Every business has it’s own sets of challenges and hills to climb, but the one thing I always see is those that choose to reflect on what is working and what isn’t, pivot with the times, and stay focused on their goals, do see positive change in their businesses. Keep moving that needle forward and be clear about where you are going. You will get there. One bite at a time.


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