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30 Days of Content

This guide is intended to give you access to content ideas for your first 30 days! We hope this helps set your business up for success and take some of the guesswork out of this new adventure! Utilizing a variety of Posts, Reels, Stories, and Live Videos is truly what will expand the ways you can connect with your market. Feel free to interpret these suggestions how it fits best for you. You also may copy/paste any info you’d like from this page, and save these graphics to use!

Tip: You don’t want your timeline to be a consistent advertisement of your Monat adventure. Be sure to incorporate posts, stories, and reels about your life, your niche, and other authentic content to show your market who you are. People buy from people they trust! Dive into building relationships and offering solutions to educate and help others! Let’s go!


DAY 1: Post a selfie with this graphic and share that you are starting something new! Tell others that you can’t wait to share with them. This is going to generate curiosity so people start watching for you to drop what it is!

DAY 2: When your product pack arrives, do a live unboxing! You don’t have to know what all the products are or what they do, just read off what you have on your video and be excited! You do not need to know the answers! You learn as you go!

DAY 3: Take a picture of you with your box or products or post a family photo and talk about why you joined. If it’s grocery money, share that! If it’s because you’ve been a VIP and had amazing results, talk about that! If it is because you saw how incredible the business opportunity is, share that!

DAY 4: Share the VIP Perks!

DAY 5: Share before and after pictures (found in Hello Momentum Photo Album). You want people to see the difference!


DAY 1: We live in a world of constant sharing. Places to shop, eat, favorites, etc. So adding on an extra stream of income, using a free platform, and simply sharing just made sense! But when you share Monat, you have the potential to earn! So if you’re sharing that Starbucks you got this morning or where you got your newest shirt, you can do this too! The difference is one place pays and the other doesn’t!

DAY 2: Share about Market Partner Perks!

DAY 3: What are you already liking about the products? Get on your stories and talk (If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your upline). Talk about what you like so far, a difference you’re seeing, or maybe a favorite product.

DAY 4: Teach about our anti-aging hair care! -Monat heals the hair from the inside out! -We only use clean ingredients. We are gluten free, vegan, and cruelty free! Monat is clinically proven via third party trials. It even repairs damage!

DAY 5: Talk in your stories! One of the things that makes Monat a smart business choice is that everyone uses shampoo, and we have the products for all hair types, all needs, all members of the family. There is always something for everyone. Your customers aren’t adding something on to the budget (think Tupperware, leggings, weight loss, nails, etc), you’re simply helping your customer replace what they have for something better! It’s an essential staple in every home, and a consumable product your customers will come back for, which creates residual income!


DAY 1: You don’t have to figure out what to do all on your own! You have support from your team! Post or talk in your stories about our Monat family and how we support one another. Talk about the team resources, trainings, and support available to you. Share how you have one on one personal guidance to help you get off to a great start and meet the goals you want to achieve!

DAY 2: Explain to your network what it means that Monat heals from the inside out. Much of the damage done to our hair is layers deep. Monat products are able to penetrate all three layers of the hair strand to the center, and therefore bring healing to the hair from the inside out. We are the only haircare with the technology to do this thanks to Rejuveniqe Oil! The only other thing that can penetrate the hair strand like this is treatments such as color and bleach, perms, and keratin treatments (which all damage the hair). Other products simply sit on the outside of the strand, causing buildup and suffocating the hair strand. What we have is unique!

DAY 3: Rejuveniqe oil- this is our patented product that is infused into almost all our products. It is a blend of 13 essential oils, and this is what allows out products to penetrate the hair strand. So when it does, it is bringing all the essential nutrients your hair needs. It is anti-aging and promotes growth! (Share a video on how the oil doesn’t catch fire. This is available on Hello Momentum)

DAY 4: Share about our anti-aging, vegan skincare products and show some before and after pictures. (Found in Hello Momentum)

DAY 5: Highlight a skincare product you are loving or have seen amazing results from! (Choices can be found in Hello Momentum)


DAY 1: Share how someone can join and get started! They can purchase a product pack! Share the options!

DAY 2: Share about our Smart Start Program! As soon as someone starts, they can earn an income. Our Smart Start Program is a bonus program offered to those ready to kick off their business right away! This can help you earn your investment back very fast and create a fantastic foundation to your business.

DAY 3:One of the many perks of Monat is that there are no requirements. You don’t have to carry inventory, meet quotas monthly, place monthly orders (or any orders for that matter), or host parties. How you run your business, if and when you order, and what you want to achieve is up to you!

DAY 4: Schedule a dual live video on FB or IG with your upline!

DAY 5: Share before and afters! (found in Hello Momentum)


-When sharing before and after photos, remember to mix it up! You may have thick and coarse hair in need of smoothing, and someone else may have fine thinning hair in need of volume and growth. Showing different results will speak to different people!

- Flash Sales for our customers often come on weekends! This is a great time to share information about sales you may have!

-Remember… this is a guide and by no means a requirement or a magic formula. This is only intended to lead you in the beginning stages of your business! Be sure to research other products, seek out other graphics, and highlight new things!

-Graphics can be found on our team page Hello Momentum, Pinterest, your Monat Back Office, and from many Market Partners. You can also create your own using apps like Canva, Word Swag, PicsArt, Etc.


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